Candy For A Cure
The Chocolate Answer to Fight Kids’ Cancer!   

Since part of the Reflections Of Grace Foundation's mission is to raise awareness, we are pleased to partner with Sarris Candies for a sweet fundraising opportunity during the month of May - National Brain Tumor Awareness Month!  

New Option! Sarris chocolate covered pretzel rods are now available to sell as part of Candy For A Cure. Each package contains two pretzel rods with 36 packages per box. Priced at just $2 per package, everyone can savor this best selling Sarris item.


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Reflections Of Grace Foundation


In support of May being dedicated to Brain Tumor Awareness, we hold a candy bar sale throughout the month. The traditional Sarris Candies chocolate bars are dressed in our foundation labels, featuring awareness facts about pediatric brain cancer. Each candy bar is economically priced at $2.00 and all profits benefit Reflections Of Grace. With seven different options to choose from (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almond, crisp, caramel, peanut butter, and the new salted pretzel), there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy. Please consider selling a box of candy bars at your place of work and/or worship, around your neighborhood, or at sporting and community events. This simple fundraiser is a great opportunity for kids to get involved as well. Inquire with your child’s school about participating. Remember, the more we sell, the higher profit percentage we earn!


Throughout the month of May, in support of National Brain Tumor Awareness Month

WhySarris Candy Bars

  • Sarris Candies is widely recognized for their high quality products
  • Raise awareness about pediatric brain cancer, while indulging in a delicious treat
  • For a minimal cost, you can make a strong impact in the pediatric brain cancer community
  • Awareness candy bars are a refreshing alternative to the standard vending machine fare
  • Awareness candy bars make great gifts


If you are interested in selling awareness candy bars in the Pittsburgh area, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  with the number of boxes that you wish to sell by April 30th. Each box contains 32 candy bars in a variety of flavors. Arrangements for pick up will be established during the 1st week of May. If you need additional boxes throughout the month, please feel free to request more. We will continue to replenish our stock, based upon demand.

Please keep in mind, we cannot return candy bars after purchasing an order from Sarris Candies, so please make every attempt to sell the candy bars you take. Should you encounter difficulties selling any candy bars, please return to us (in good condition) as soon as is practical. Please Note: If you or your company is interested in selling awareness candy bars more frequently, please contact us. We are happy to accommodate requests to sell awareness candy bars on a regular basis or even year-round. Also, please remember to store your candy bars in a cool place, as they melt easily.

Did You Know?

The gray ribbon is the official symbol of brain tumor awareness worldwide

Grey Ribbon